Download Tubemate for Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10 (With Bluestacks)

Tubemate download for Windows 7,8,10

Tubemate is an app that helps you download Youtube videos on your device without wasting your time showing ads. You can download videos from many video sharing websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion etc. Tubemate is was initially developed for android smart phones to help the users download YouTube videos easily on their device but now you can download tubemate for windows and use the Tubemate app on your PC to download Videos from YouTube.


Downloading YouTube Videos easily with Tubemate

Downloading YouTube videos can be a pain in the head if you do not know the right app to use, you know what I am talking about if you have tried downloading YouTube videos on your device. YouTube launched the download button in their official app that is supposed to download YouTube videos on your device but there are many major drawbacks of using YouTube app, I have listed below the most annoying disadvantages of using the official YouTube app that force you to switch to a better app to download YouTube videos.

  • The videos taken offline using the official YouTube app can not be transferred or shared with any other device, the offline videos can only be watched on the same device on which they are saved.
  • Not all the videos on YouTube can be taken offline using the YouTube app, most of the music videos, tutorials and popular videos can only be watched online which is annoying.
  • Some part of the YouTube videos that you take offline have to be downloaded again every 30 days for unknown reason so the downloaded videos will also charge data.
  • You will have to watch advertisements before watching the videos on YouTube app even when they are taken offline which is really frustrating.

These were the major drawbacks of using the YouTube app to download YouTube videos on your device, now let’s see what Tubemate has to offer.

Features of Tubemate: Why you should download this?


It is one of the leading apps that offer many features that the official YouTube app is unable to offer. Tubemate is now available for windows so you can also have tubemate for windows 7 on your PC. Following is the list of features of the Tubemate app, take a good look.

  • You can download any video that is available on YouTube, no restrictions whatsoever unlike the YouTube app.
  • You can download the YouTube videos in your desired quality and even in full HD resolution whereas the YouTube app only allows 720p resolution at the highest.
  • You can share the downloaded videos to other devices and your friends and the downloaded file can be opened with any media player of your choice.
  • You can download videos from other video sharing websites as well such as Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.

As you can see for yourself, the Tubemate app is much better than YouTube app in terms of features and now you can download videos on your PC as well using the Tubemate app, you just need to have tubemate for windows 8 on your computer.

How to Download Tubemate for Windows 7 and 8


The Tubemate app was developed to be used on devices running on android operating system but you can also download and use it on your PC just by downloading tubemate for windows 10 and we will explain the whole process briefly.

  • You will need an android emulator preinstalled on your computer so that you can use android apps on your PC. If you do not have any android emulator preinstalled on your PC, I will recommend installing Bluestacks app player.
  • Download the Tubemate apk from the official website. Tubemate app is not yet available in the google play store but you can download the tubemate apk from its official website for any android operating system that will work with android emulators as well.
  • Now install the Tubemate apk on your PC using the android emulator, the app will install automatically after pressing the install button like in any android device.
  • Now you can use the Tubemate apk to download any YouTube video on your PC in your desired resolution.
  • You can similar procedure to download tubemate for mac and iphone.

Thank you for reading our tutorial on how to download Tubemate for PC, feel free to leave your queries with us using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you.

Download Tubemate for Mac, Apple, iPhone

All of us love watching videos on YouTube but hate the irritating buffering that comes along with the streaming. If you’re someone who always wondered if there was a way you could skip this buffering or download the video to your phone, Tubemate is the application you’re looking for. Tubemate is an application launched for android (tubemate for android) and IOS platform(tubemate for iphone) that lets the users download their desired videos from YouTube directly to their mobile phone.


Although the YouTube offline feature lets you download the YouTube videos, but the drawback with this feature is that the videos are downloaded and saved within the YouTube application and not in the phone. So you can only watch those downloaded videos offline when you have the YouTube app. For solving this problem there is an application been launched for android and IOS both and i.e. Tubemate. In this article we will tell you how to download Tubemate for apple devices.

Download Tubemate for Mac

Tubemate basically is an application that has exclusively been launched for only android and IOS platforms. So officially ifyou have an android or an IOS device, only then you can enjoy this app. But today we will tell you how to download Tubemate on Mac which will let you enjoy this application even if you don’t have android or IOS devices on your pc. Here is the simple step by step procedure which you’ll have to follow in order to download Tubemate for Mac, also you can download tubemate for pc with mere steps.

  1. Download an android emulator (preferably Bluestacks) from its official website or torrent.
  2. Now, install the software.
  3. After it has been installed, go to PlayStore and in the search box type “Tubemate”.
  4. Now, install and accept and it’s done, the app has been installed on your Mac with the help of an android emulator. You can now enjoy Tubemate on your Mac.

Also, if you don’t find the Tubemate application in the PlayStore or face any problem regarding PlayStore, you can download the tubemate apk for it. So in the emulator open a browser, go to google, and search for the Tubemate apk and download it.

Download Tubemate for Iphone

Tubemate is the ultimate solution for all the people who spend a good amount of their time in watching videos on YouTube. Instead of bashing your head while the video is buffering, you can now download it on your phone and skip the buffering. Tubemate can be downloaded for IOS on Iphones easily. You’ll just have to go to the PlayStore and search for YouTube and after you find the right application, install it and enjoy.

tubemate for mac

You can also download Tubemate apk for Iphone if you face any problem with downloading it from playstore. Just go to google and search for the apk, you’ll find plenty of websites that provides the apk, select one and download it. You can later install the apk whenever you want. So if you’re someone who often uninstalls the application and installs them again, you may go for the apk.

Tubemate Apk Download for Android Smartphones

Tubemate Apk Download : Most of us are aware of the latest offline feature of YouTube that lets you download your favourite YouTube video which can be watched offline without any internet connection. But the problem with this offline feature is that the videos are not downloaded in the internal storage or SD card, they get saved in the app itself. So, you’ll have to keep the YouTube application installed in your phone in order to watch the downloaded videos offline.


What if you want to watch the videos offline without having the YouTube app installed? What if you want your favorite videos to get downloaded directly to the SD card or the internal storage of your phone? All this can be done with the help of an amazing application i.e. Tubemate.

Tired of the buffering of the YouTube videos while the video is streaming? Want the videos to get downloaded directly in your phone? If yes, download Tubemate for android right away. Tubemate is an application that helps you overcome the buffering problem by allowing you to download any YouTube video directly to the mobile phone. The video that gets downloaded can be watched later without having any need of an internet connection. It is a very simple to operate application with an excellent interface. Currently it is available for both the mobile platforms i.e. Android and IOS and is rumored to launch for PC too in the coming years.


Tubemate is an application that lets you downloaded your desired YouTube videos directly to your SD card. It is a very easy to use application that provides an array of resolution options for the video in a number of sizes. You can select whatever quality you want to video to be downloaded in. Lower quality will result in less download size of the video. This easy to use application is available for android. Here we will tell you how you can download Tubemate Apk for android.

Download Tubemate Apk for Android

Tubemate is an android application that allows you to download your favorite YouTube videos easily I your desired format and quality. The most notable feature of this application is that the videos downloaded with this app gets saved directly to the SD card. Also you can change the download destiny of the video.

Along with the simple procedure, this app also allows you to select the resolution of your own choice. So if you want to download the video in less size, you can go for 240p, 320p and 480p and if you’re someone who does not care about the size, instead care about the quality, you can go for the HD or some similar resolution.

Tubemate for android can be downloaded very easily. You can download Tubemate for this platform in two ways; you can either go with the traditional PlayStore way, by searching for the application in the search box in PlayStore or can download tubemate apk from google. Also, tubemate can be downloaded on iphone too! as well as mac. Head over tubemate for iphone/mac to view how!



How to Download Videos With Tubemate

The downloading procedure of the app is quite simple, you just need to search for the title of the video that you want to download and after you’ve found the video, click on the green arrow that’s pointing downwards. After you click the arrow, a box will pop up containing a number of resolutions. You can select your desired resolution based on the size and compatibility of your phone and download the video. The downloaded video will be present in the SD card or whatever destination you choose it to be.

Downloading YouTube videos with Tubemate is a walk in the park. You can easily download your videos with this application and all you have to do is follow these simple steps:wpid-tubemate-download.jpg1

  1. In the search box, search for your desired YouTube video.
  2. After you get the video you want to download, open it.
  3. While the video is playing, you can see a green downward arrow on the top.
  4. Click on that arrow. Now select the resolution you the want the video to be downloaded in.
  5. Select the destination and it’s done.

Note: You can also download this application on pc and then use it for downloading youtube videos on your system. To know how, read tubemate for pc.


You can now find the downloaded videos in the SD card (or whatever destination you’ve selected) of your phone. You can watch the downloaded videos anytime and anywhere without even having an internet connection. So, download your favorite YouTube videos and watch them offline with ease.

There are plenty of websites that offers YouTube video downloading but all of them are either time consuming or don’t offer resolution variety which Tubemate does. So if you’re someone who hate watching YouTube videos online and is tired of the streaming, download Tubemate right away and download your YouTube videos which can be watched later offline. That’s all about downloading tubemate video downloader apk for your android mobiles, do let us know your doubts through the comment section below. We all know, tubemate download free videos from youtube, do let us know if you have any queries related to this.

Conclusion and Final Words on Tubemate:-

Tubemate has made it very easy to download YouTube videos. In the past, for downloading a YouTube video we had to download a YouTube downloader which was firstly quite big in size. Secondly, the process was a bit long and irritating one, you first had to search for the video on  YouTube, then copy its link, then paste it in the YouTube downloader and wait for the download to begin. On top of all this, the downloading was slow as hell. But now all these problems have a perfect solution and that is Tubemate. It is simple to use, has a very easy and short downloading process and last but not the least, it offers some impressive high speed downloading.

All these reasons prove that Tubemate is the best solution for downloading videos from YouTube for free. So if you’re someone who spends plenty of time watching YouTube videos and hate buffering, Tubemate is the application you’re looking for.

Tubemate for PC Download 2016 Easy method

Tubemate for PC : Tubemate is an application that allows you to download YouTube videos directly to your phone which can be later watched offline i.e. you can watch those videos on your phone even if you don’t have an internet connection. The application is launched for android devices and can be downloaded easily as an apk (as it is not available in PlayStore. Also you can download it for your android devices from 9apps or similar apps.


Officially it hasn’t been launched for pc yet, so what if you want to download videos from Tubemate on pc? What if you don’t have an android device? You can still enjoy this amazing application by downloading an android emulator in your pc and then downloading the app in it. Here we will tell you can download Tubemate for pc and enjoy the application even without having an android device. You can even know how to download tubemate for iphone.

Download Tubemate for PC on Windows:-

Tubemate has made it a lot easy for the people who love watching videos on YouTube. Now you can download any YouTube video on your phone and watch it later when you’re out of an internet connection. It has a very simple user interface and the videos can be downloaded through this application easily without any hassle. Tubemate is an easy to use, simple and light application for all the YouTube lovers.

Now you won’t have to go through those irritating streaming to watch a video. You can just select whichever video you want to watch and download it with the help of Tubemate for PC. Downloading videos through Tubemate is not a daunting task, you just need to search for your video in the search box and click on the green arrow while the video is playing. Also, when you click on the green arrow, you’ll get a number of resolution options to go for. The lower the resolution, the lesser is the size of the video. So you can now even select your desired resolution and size according to your needs and the compatibility of your phone.

Tubemate for PC Download 2016

For windows PC there are plenty of websites that offer YouTube videos downloading but no such website is better than Tubemate app. In most of the websites you don’t get the option of selecting the resolution and in some websites the process is too damn long. There is an array of reasons toprefer Tubemate instead of these stupid websites. The biggest drawback of Tubemate is that it isn’t launched for PC officially. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy this app on your pc by following these simple steps:


  1. Go to Bluestacks official website and download it. (You can go for Youwave or any other android emulator too)
  2. Now, after downloading and installing it, go to PlayStore and in the search box search for Tubemate.
  3. Now click on installand then accept it twice. That’s it, you can now enjoy Tubemate on your PC as well. Now just search for your desired video in the Tubemate search box and click on the green arrow for downloading it.

This was the process about downloading tubemate apk for pc without facing any trouble. Do let us know if you’ve any trouble about downloading tubemate video downloader for PC. Checkout for more.